Baby Ride On Cars

Baby Ride On Cars

We have amazing ride on cars designed for your baby

If you love seeing the biggest smile on your baby’s face, don’t be fooled into thinking that ride on cars are just for the older kids! Here at Kidz Auto, we make sure we cater to babies and children across the country, no matter their age!

All of our cars are of the highest quality standard. With controlled speed settings and an exceptional build quality, you can be assured of your baby’s safety when selecting a ride on car from Kidz Auto. Our cars also have lower speed settings, are very sturdy and have strong metal axles. We offer the safest, easiest and most fun filled ride-on car for your baby.



New Zealand’s Widest Selection of Baby Ride On Cars


Ride on cars designed for your baby

We know that each baby is precious and letting your child sit in a ride on car can be scary for the most level headed parent. Our ride on cars for babies have single speed setting so that the control can remain in your hands. We want you to feel confident and happy allowing your baby to enjoy the start on their new adventures.


Your baby is adventurous… let ‘em roam wild!

There is no greater gift than that of adventure. We here at Kidz Auto offer a phenomenal range of ride on cars for your baby. Our baby cars are designed with your child’s needs in mind. Suitable for ages of 2-4, a ride on car can provide years of fun for your little one. We have scoured the globe to find the best quality products at affordable prices without compromising on safety. Now that’s what we call quality!


Delivery to suit all

We offer multiple delivery services to provide you with the best prices and fastest delivery time. We have delivery distribution centres in Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne. If you live in Melbourne, feel free to come down to our headquarters in Lysterfield and pick it up yourself the very same day – no delivery costs and no waiting around! We are proud to deliver to all children across New Zealand with fantastic prices and super fast delivery. We have teamed up with multiple delivery services to provide our customers with the fastest and most affordable delivery options to suit your individual needs.

What are customers saying about Kidz Auto Electric Cars?

Kidz Auto has an earned track record of providing excellent service for our customers. Here is some of the feedback from the thousands of our customers from all over New Zealand:

“Great service ? “, “A+++ replys straight away”, “Awesome products”, and “Lightning fast postage”.

Need more reviews? Review our amazing comments from over 1,000 fans on Facebook. We have an earned track record of excellent service, consistently receive the highest buyer ratings and posts items quickly!


What else does Kidz Auto have to offer?

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Extremely Fast Shipping in New Zealand

We are proud to offer some of the most competitive shipping rates to all of New Zealand. From the Bluff to Cape Reinga, we can get your awesome ride on car delivered in no time!

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