Kids Ride on Cars in Rotorua

Kids Ride on Cars in Rotorua

Ride on Cars Delivered to Rotorua

Rotorua is home to some of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand. It is no wonder that children across Rotorua are dying to get their hands on their own ride on toy to explore the fantastic area they are surrounded in! At Kidz Auto we are proud to provide great New Zealand cities, like Rotorua, with fast delivery, excellent service and quality ride on toys.



Rotorua Widest of Ride on Cars


We Love Rotorua!

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in the beautiful Rotorua, you will also be happy to find out that we make sure you get your electric ride on car at the cheapest delivery cost and in the quickest time. Our website is packed full of interesting stuff to find out about who we are and what we do. Have a cruise around and let us know if you have any questions!


Ride On Toys are for Perfect for Rotorua

Our fantastic selection of ATVs, dirt bikes and all kinds of cool ride on cars to explore Rotorua New Zealand. There are so many types of ride on toys that we offer it would be hard to find a ride on which isn’t PERFECT for your child. For example, we are happy to offer the licensed Ford Ranger which is perfect to make all the kids on the street jealous! There are loads of ride on cars like this on our website which will guarantee that your child really is the coolest kid in the block!


Fast and Easy Payment

Not only do we offer a range of ride on cars, we also offer a range of payment methods too! If you haven’t heard of PayPal… where have you been!? We have partnered up with this payment method giant to offer you an easy, secure and fast payment method that is only a click of a button! This gives you more time to worry about the important stuff and not spend ages typing in numbers off of a payment card… BORING! However, if you would prefer to do things this way then that is completely cool too! We also accept bank transfers, debit card payments and even a layby service so that you can pay in timely chunks that suit you! Drop us a line if you have any questions.


Our Electric Ride on Cars have Loads of Add Ons!

Things are rarely as simple as they seem… and our ride on cars are no exception – in a good way! What may look like a simple but really cool ride on car from the outside, actually has some hidden talents. Many of our cars comes with real working lights, realistic horn noises and even an MP3 Player! Now your child can listen to their favourite audio books or music whilst cruising around in their brand new toy – how cool is that!? Each of our ride ons has a ‘cool stuff’ section on our website. Take a look and see what cool hidden talents you can find!


Safety First for our Ride on Toy Cars

We spend hours testing our ride on cars to ensure that they are completely safe for your child to use. All of our ride on cars have a robust structure, harnesses and speed restrictions which means that you can put your feet up and relax! If your little one becomes a little to adventurous, many of our ride on toys also come with a remote control to get the power back into your hands when you need to. If you have any questions about our products, drop us an email or give us a call and we will be more than happy to help!

What are customers saying about Kidz Auto Electric Cars?

Kidz Auto has an earned track record of providing excellent service for our customers. Here is some of the feedback from the thousands of our customers from all over New Zealand:

“Great service ? “, “A+++ replys straight away”, “Awesome products”, and “Lightning fast postage”.

Need more reviews? Review our amazing comments from over 1,000 fans on Facebook. We have an earned track record of excellent service, consistently receive the highest buyer ratings and posts items quickly!


What else does Kidz Auto have to offer?

New Zealand’s Widest Selection of Ride on Toy Cars!

Need a great ride on toy car for your little one? Tossing between a 6v, 12v or 24v? Not sure between a quad, ATV or off-roader? That’s ok, because at Kidz Auto we have it all!

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Extremely Fast Shipping in New Zealand

We are proud to offer some of the most competitive shipping rates to all of New Zealand. From the Bluff to Cape Reinga, we can get your awesome ride on car delivered in no time!

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Get even more from Kidz Auto!

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