Ride-On Car Battery Life

Happy New Year, we hope everyone is having a great start to 2015.

What a busy time for the team at Kidz Auto over the Christmas period, it was worth it though, seeing all the pictures of the kids riding their new ride-on cars around on Christmas morning.

This year we will be adding a heap of new and exciting ride-on cars to our shelves, we will also be expanding our ride-on rental, and offering lay-by options to have your car ready to go for Christmas 2015.

Now, as promised; getting the most out of your ride-on car battery.

It’s important when you first get your awesome new ride-on that you run the battery down initially before charging, that means driving it around until the battery is completely flat and can’t go any further.

Key to getting the most out of your battery is to never charge it for longer than 8 hours, and we also recommend charging it at least once a month in case your child doesn’t use it during the month.

Depending on the age of your child, the surface that they are driving and the age of the battery, a ride-on car should go from anywhere between 45min to 1hour 15minutes without dropping speed or power. As the battery becomes older you will see this slowly drop until you will need to purchase a new battery.