Ride-On Cars with all the features

All of our ride-on cars, bikes and quads have been fully decked out with all features and attributes, where a larger battery and two motors are possible we’ve got one put in, where music, sound, lights are available we’ve gone and plugged it in, and where there’s room for a bit of luxury, we’ve steered away from plastic and had cushioned seats and rubber steering wheels installed. When comparing prices, it’s important to compare like for like to ensure you are not only getting the cheaper car, but that all the important features that will make your childs time more enjoyable are also included;

Let’s go through each of the features in detail;

  • Larger battery, 6v to 12v has the opportunity to give your child more play time between charges, all our cars (excl smaller bikes) have 12v batteries installed.
  • Dual motors, instead of having just one motor driving one back wheel we install two motors so that each wheel is being driven, which gives your child more power and speed, all our cars (excl smaller bikes) have dual motors installed.
  • Dual speed, allows your child to choose between a slow speed (normally 3kph) and a faster speed (normally 5kph)
  • Remote control, just what all the adults are after, there is a switch in the car that disables the peddle and allows the car to be driven by the remote control
  • MP3 connector, an audio plug that allows you to plug your smart phone or MP3 player in and run the music through the car speakers.
  • Leather seats and a rubber steering wheel, a cushioned seat gives the ride-on more comfort when driving around.
  • Sounds, lights, music, no ride-on car would be complete without all the flashing lights coming from the back and front of the car, a heap of different music, and horn noises, our cars also have a volume dial which can turn it up and down.

On our next blog we will talk about battery life, and how to best care for it to get the longest charge out of it. The team at Kidz Auto are on hand to answer any ride-on questions you have, please reach out to us at info@kidzauto.com.au.