Ride on Toys New Zealand

Ride on Toys New Zealand

Huge Selection, Great Prices, Delivery to all of New Zealand

Our huge selection of ride-on toys make not only the perfect gift for children of all ages, they are also of the highest safety standards. We’re a New Zealand company with fast delivery to all over New Zealand, including Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, next day dispatch and fantastic prices.

From awesome quad bikes to go roaming the great outdoors on any terrain, to the subtle sports Mini’s that are great for zipping around and looking like the coolest kid on the block. There really is something for every child, anywhere in New Zealand.



Ride on Toys New Zealand


Ride-On Toys are a great way to get your child outdoors

Our ride-on toys are a great way to get your child outdoors, breathing in the fresh air that New Zealand has to offer! However, the perks do not stop there! These toys are a fantastic presents for your kids because they are durable, safe and will give years of fun and entertainment to your little explorer.

No two experiences for your child will be the same when roaming outside and showing off their cool new toy. Not only can your loved one show it off around the neighbourhood, it also fits into the boot of most cars which means you can take it with you – anywhere you go!

Perfect for Boys and Girls

Ride-on toys, unlike many other types of toys on the market, are aimed at both boys AND girls. Some also have two seats. This means that they are the perfect gift if you have more than one child to please! No more tantrums and tears over who gets to play with their new toy first – they can both play!


Our Ride-on Toys are Packed with Features

All of our ride-on toys are fitted to the brim with some awesome features that you just have to check out! For example, many of our toys have a built in MP3 player. This means that your child can roam around whilst listening to their favourite music (or yours)! Not only is that really fun, it also adds to the realism of the toys and will make your child feel like they are driving a real life car! Don’t forget to check out the cool lights, realistic sounds and other features found on all the different types of Ride-On toys there are to offer!


Fun and Save!

Do not fret! Ride-on toys, are not only cool, but packed with safety features! All of our toys are durable with built in seat belts, awesome working lights and even a remote control! This puts the control back into the hands of the grown-ups if your little one gets a little too adventurous. (or its just time for dinner!) All of the fantastic Ride-On toys we have to offer have tonnes of information about what each individual car has to offer so you can be sure that you are buying the right one for your child – so don’t forget to check out the ‘cool-stuff’ section!


Perfect for Children of All Ages

You should always check the age range that the product is aimed for. Ride-On toys are a fantastic way to spoil your child because the age ranges can span over many years – meaning years of fun! We recommend always checking to ensure that no ride-on is too big or too small for your little one. If you have made it to this page, you are one step closer to making the right choice for your child!

What are customers saying about Kidz Auto Electric Cars?

Kidz Auto has an earned track record of providing excellent service for our customers. Here is some of the feedback from the thousands of our customers from all over New Zealand:

“Great service ? “, “A+++ replys straight away”, “Awesome products”, and “Lightning fast postage”.

Need more reviews? Review our amazing comments from over 1,000 fans on Facebook. We have an earned track record of excellent service, consistently receive the highest buyer ratings and posts items quickly!


What else does Kidz Auto have to offer?

New Zealand’s Widest Selection of Ride on Toy Cars!

Need a great ride on toy car for your little one? Tossing between a 6v, 12v or 24v? Not sure between a quad, ATV or off-roader? That’s ok, because at Kidz Auto we have it all!

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Extremely Fast Shipping in New Zealand

We are proud to offer some of the most competitive shipping rates to all of New Zealand. From the Bluff to Cape Reinga, we can get your awesome ride on car delivered in no time!

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Get even more from Kidz Auto!

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Perfect toy cars for perfect toddlers & children 🙂

Looking for your perfect ride on car for your toddler, child or the next Brendon Hartley? We have the widest selection of ride on toys at the best prices.
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