What to look for when buying a Battery Powered Ride-on Car

It’s important to ensure that the size and power of the car is suitable for your child, if your child is 2-3 years old, then a 6 volt single motor trike is the best, if your child a little older, then a 6volt/12volt car with dual motors would be more suitable, enough power to get them moving, but still provide stability, if there a little older 5-8 years old, then we recommend the quad or jeeps we have in our range, something with 12 volts, dual motors, and enough power to get them moving outside and on the grass.

On our next blog we’ll talk about all the features available, to ensure you have the most pimped out ride for your child.

Please contact us at info@kidzauto.com.au if you have any questions on our range of Kids Battery Powered Ride-On Cars.